"Believe in the Rescue Dust," she said. "You will always see its magic when you love and care for someone beyond yourself.  The world is full of Rescue Dust.  Listen with your heart."

"What IS rescue dust exactly?" Henry asked.
"The essence of Rescue Dust is tears, happy tears and sad tears transformed to joy by those who have truly loved.  It's magic goes on forever in hearts that understand.  Rescue Dust can work miracles," said Guinness.   (From Wigglebus Book One)

PJ Wigglebee is celebrating his  FIRST BIRTHDAY, January 15, 2008.
Who Ever Knew He would Make it?
Thanks to the love and genrousity of Uprights Like YOU!  
Thank you for ALL you do to help Old English Sheepdogs and animals everywhere that need our help!

 PJ says, "I LOVE YOU!"

To all the donors, contributors and bidders who have helped NEOESR to help him: He clearly belongs to ALL OF US.  (Ok, so who wants to groom him next? LOL)  His ebaY auctions have raised over 2000. toward his medical expenses, and the direct donations are closing in on the rest of his bills!   How lucky is he?  You have all TRULY saved his life!  Three Cheers For the Rescue Dust!  Bless you!  (that's for when the "RD" makes you sneeze!)

For More information on Kennel Cough (That started PJ's damaging pneumonias) click here.

(PJ's story reads backward from August through May.  What a summer!)

Wednesday August 22, PJ goes for his post-surgery checkup and had his staples taken out!  (One of them was hiding in there, but don't worry it showed up on the xray and they got it out!

There's good news and bad.  The good news is that the pathology report
indicated that Bordatella is definitely responsible for the damage in
his lung, (there was some question about the presence of eosinophils and what was causing what when last we spoke).  That gave me great relief that we were on the right track.

The difficult-to-hear news is that one troubling bronhcia remains.  
As careful as they were to try to preseve most of his back lobe, this one is still in there.  
The choices they had were to take one whole lung out (which would have shortened his life expectancy) or to try to "trim the bad spots" which they did.  

Unfortunately, one part now shows up on xray that would be better off not there.  
The doctor will very closely monitor what this means for our little guy.  
His marching orders are to take one last antibiotic tonight, and then to come back two weeks from today for re-xray, and recheck.  They will be watching closely to see if he can manage off antibiotics, especially because we will want them to really work when he needs them.  He may
in fact continue to be susceptible to pneumonias.  Not the news we want to hear for the Prince of Pajamas, but the reality none-the-less.

For today, he is happy, full of life, running around like a madman in fact, as he is off all restrictions!

We wish we had perfect news to share! PJ deserves it!  But to manage and process all that this means, we're breaking it down in small doses.  For today PJ is happier and healthier than he has ever been!
For the next two weeks we'll watch how he does.  Then we'll go from there doing the best that we can one paw at a time.  We are celebrating how great he feels, but we're keeping the white light "high beams" on!   Love Laurel, (and PJ of course, who hopes no one
wants a refund on him! <VBG>)

PJ sleeps while waiting for his xray results

Today Sunday, PJ celebrated all the love and support and health care he is getting with a ride in the WIgglebus!  He is still getting used to it, and when the ride was over, he hung on for dear life to his seat.  He did NOT want to leave the bus!  Below, close up of PJ's smiling face!

We'll be back on Wednesday Night 
to tell you what the doctors said about how PJ is coming along! 
Staying up too late has it's price.  PJ (and Patrick) needed a nap today!
Here's the gang, watching the exciting auctions to raise money for PJ's expenses.  "All for me?" asks PJ. "I have so many friends!"
Saturday, August 18.  PJ had a blast all day.  "It's the most fun I can ever remember! Can I please stay up and watch the ebay auctions mom and dad?  Can I please?"

Some of PJ's fundraisers end tonite.  Don't forget! 
THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting PJ and supporting RESCUE!  PJ will see "Dr.Laste-Chance" on Wed. Aug 22, to have an xray with "Dr.Beck-OnCall" and to have his staples out! YAY"  Stay tuned, we'll let you know what they say!

"Can I huh? Can I? PULEASE?????"

Tuesday Auguts 14:  Today I graduated from pajamas to a tee shirt!  It says "I love fire hydrants" on the back! I am also off my pain medication now, but I am still on my antibiotic.  I am not coughing at all, and I have LOTS of energy!

Dr.Laste, my cardiologist from Angell Memorial sent this note:

"The pathologist called me last night about his lung.  Sounds like chronic infection but they also noted lots of eosinophils which could suggest underlying allergic cause??  I am hoping not but we will keep this tucked in the back of our mind if he has any respiratory symptoms going forward.  Sometimes there are eosinophils with chronic respiratory irritation." 

I sure give everyone a lot to think about!  I especially hope we can STOP PUPPY MILLS so other dogs won't have to go through all this!

Just to tell you how spoiled I am, Mom was "trying" to do the laundry tonite.  Laundry is my favorite.  She gave up all her fun doing laundry just so I could sleep in my favorite place.  How cool is she?  I know how much she loves doing it cause she spends so much time on it.  But tonite she said Prince of Pajamas, the laundry is all yours!  How loved am I?  What could be better than a pile of soft things with your favorite upright scents?  Home Sweet Home.  PS everyone, thank you for loving me so much.  If you'd like to send me some laundry, I'll know what you smell like!
Monday, my blue jammies match my balloon!  I have so many presents to keep me busy, and that is a darn good thing!  Mom says she has never ever seen me act so much like a NORMAL PUPPY.  Today I raised mischief all over the house.  I am in a VERY HAPPY MOOD and I have the ENERGY I never had before!   Today I will be finished my pain medication too!  It's been a week since my surgery!  Can you believe how far I've come???  Mom says she barely recognizes me.

She shouldn't have a problem with that, I'm the cutest one here!  Just check out my Pawtrait by my friend Matisse's mom, the artist Michelina!  It's going up on ebay tonite to help pay for all my care!  We are about 50% of the way there!  I'm doing my part to get better every day.  I promise.

Love and sheepie kisses!  PJ Wigglebee, The Pajama Prince!

Mom, don't  show them my butt!
The Pajama Prince is looking more alert by the day!  He's been a VERY good patient, but you can tell he is LONGING to play outside when he is well!

For those of you watching his "fashion" wardrobe, Sunday is Teddy Bear Pajama day!

On a more serious note, here's PJ Sunday Aug 12, playing with his Kong.  You can see how beautifully he's healing.
Saturday: The bunny slippers are fun to chew off while I am trying to keep busy doing nothing.  I feel good enough to PLAY but mom says "Not today Jammie Man!"
THANK DOG Mom found the yellow duckie jammies!  Everyone was teasing me about wearing PINK ones!  It's Saturday, I've been home for two days now.  I am being a wonderful boy.  My incision site looks great, no swelling or oozing or anything.  I know I would like to feel better and play but mom says  It's a JAMMIES day!  I am sitting close to mom's feet (or on them when I can), and I am getting stronger every day!  Thanks to everyone who saw special value in me, and is supporting rescue so they can help dogs like me, and tons other who need our help! 
Thurday August 9, PJ meets up with his family to go 
His incision site is gorgeous! 
WOW!  (The white patch is an old injury scar from his past).
Back home in his "house".  PJ  was far too interested in his incisions, so it was time for the BUNNY JAMMIES to come out!  Oh the humiliation of it!  But the good news is they WORK!  PJ can't quite get to the incision now so he has to find something else to fuss with.
Or, he can just sleep!  Now there's a good idea!  Sweet Dreams Little PJ.  Get lots of rest, the whole world is sending you love!
Monday, August 6, 2007

We have admitted PJ to the hospital the night before his big surgery so that they can start him on pain medication to keep him absolutely pain free.  Look how big he has grown!  He is 41 pounds now!

It hurts to leave the littel guy at the hospital.  The hardest part is to say goodbye and keep believing in the rescue dust!  Sheepdog hair  is excellent to cry into when there are no tissues around!
PJ waits to be admitted to the hosptial.  He freaked out when the attendant came to take him to the Critical Care Unit, so mom walked down with them with HAPPY VOICE. 

He's in the BEST HANDS with RESCUE DUST all around!  The silence back home is DEAFENING!

Time for HIGH BEAMS OF WHITE LIGHT!  Tomorrow is his BIG DAY!


We spent several hours at Angell Memorial Hospital on Saturday, July 29.

Dr. Laste gave us news we NEVER thought we would hear:  PJ is GETTING BETTER! Everyone's love, support, wishes and hard work are paying off! He has gained weight, his pneumonia is cleared and he has a wonderful chance at a REAL SHEEPIE LIFE.

In order to keep him safe from the abscessing mass in his lungs, it will have to be removed.

Did you know dogs have 6 lobes in their lungs?  Four on one the right side, and two on the left.  The front lobe on PJ's left side needs to come out for him to be safe from infections, pneumonias and more recurring respiratory problems.

Please put HIGH BEAMS OF "WHITE LIGHT" on for PJ Wigglebee on  Tuesday August 7 as he undergoes this life changing surgery.

THANK YOU TO New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue for believing in this little guy, for paying for all of his expensive medical care.  To date his care has been almost 5000.   If you would like to make a donation to NEOESR to help defray his costs, please click here, and mention "it's for PJ".

Thank you to all who have sent in donations to date, even when we didn't know he was going to "make it".

 (Left and Top) Here he is on Saturday getting an ultrasound test before his big day!

Please keep us all in your prayers!  The rescue dust is working miracles once again, and this time, for a little puppy who deserves it more than we can ever say!

Special thanks to the Rescue Angels at 7 Bells Sanctuary for loving PJ (FKA Scruffy McDuff) when they thought he was a hospice pup, and for their wisdom in recognizing his story could take a different turn.  Thank you to everyone for "following the rescue dust".  May it lead us all to where we belong!


Read the beginning of PJ's Rescue Story click here