World Wide Wiggle  

Molly logged on to the internet to help Wiggle find the special gift she wanted to give Henry for his birthday. 

"How are you ever going to find something that OLD?" asked Cricket.

"I'll just do a search on," said Molly.  "If anyone is out there it will let us know."
"What did Wiggle tell you to look for?" asked Cricket.

"She said it needed to be old, have lots of stories inside it, and fit Henry's paws," said Molly.  "Let's see.  What will I search under?  How about 'old typewriter'."

"I don't think you better say 'old' said Cricket.  Old people don't like to be called old."

"What do you call them then?" asked Molly thoughtfully.

"I think they like to be called 'antiques'," said Cricket, "it's more pawlitically correct."

"How old do you have to be before you are an antique," asked Molly.

"Oh pretty old," said Cricket.  "Like over 20 or something".

"Wow, that's ancient," said Molly.  "Ok, I'll search under antiques.  Hey, here's someone we can talk to but I don't know if he's a pawson or a thing."

"What's his name?" asked Cricket.

"Mr. Typewriter," laughed Molly.  "He must be a typewriter. How do you talk to a typewriter?" 

"Just do what the Mother Upright does," said Cricket.  "She talks to everything."


So Molly began her letter to "Mr. Typewriter".

"Dear Mr. Typewriter, By any chance do you happen to be antique?  (That means are you old?)   We are looking for a typewriter who still has stories inside that Henry's paws can fit on.  He has big paws, but he is not old.  It is for his birthday so please write to us very soon. Love Miss Molly Malone."
As soon as the twins sent their email they began looking for a response.
"Look!" said Molly, "We've got mail!"

They hurried to open the letter but it was not from Mr. Typewriter.  It was from an animal rescue.

"Oh," sighed Molly.  "The poor rescue puppies need to  get rides from Ohio to here on Sunday. They want to know if Wiggle will do the last part to Boston."

"Do they have homes yet?" asked Cricket.

"Yes," said Molly, "but they need to get a ride, all the way from Ohio.  Like the time Gwennie and Lucy drove us from Connecticut."


"I'll go tell Wiggle," said Cricket.
"We better get our hair done tomorrow if we are going on a rescue ride!"