A Chance Meeting  

Henry introduced himself to the first horse he reached.  "My name is Henry," he said, "you've got a beautiful place here."

"Well thank you kindly. My name is Chance," said the horse. "You are welcome to visit us anytime.  What brings you to our town?"

"I am here to meet the Animal Control Pawficer," said Henry. 
"Pawficer Andy sent me".

"Oh, I know Pawficer Andy," said Chance.  "Did you ever wonder why  they are called 'Animal Control Pawficers'?" Chance asked Henry.
"It seems to me it is the people who need help with control."

"I know what you mean," Henry agreed.  "Some uprights don't take care of their animals, and WE are the ones they send the cruisers after."


"It's hard to teach uprights how to care for their animals," said Chance.  "We love our upright because we have her trained exactly right. She takes care of us rain or shine, blustery cold or blistering hot.  If you don't invest the time to train your upright, they can become unmanageable."

"Just once I would like to drive a cruiser around town," said Henry.  "Only I would like it to say  'Upright Control Unit".  Henry and Chance laughed. 

"You'd fit in just fine here," Chance told Henry.

These are my parents, April and Hawk," said Chance proudly.

"Pleased to meet you," they said to Henry.
"Where did you learn to dance like that?" asked Henry.

"Hawk and I have visited many nursing homes to bring cheer to senior citizens.  I learned to dance with my upright to bring smiles to their faces. Senior citizens are uprights who usually know how to  communicate with us."

"Yes," agreed Hawk.  "They are usually the wisest of all uprights."

"Yes," agreed Henry. "Molly calls them antiques."

They all laughed.


"You are a very beautiful dancer, Miss April," said Henry.

"Why thank you," said April.  "What a gentleman you are!  Are you from around here?"

"From the South, Ma'am," said Henry pawlitely.

"How did you come so far north?" asked Hawk.

"I was rescued and transported here," said Henry.

"So you're a rescue!" said Indy, introducing herself.  "Me too! There are a few of us who have found new homes here:  me, Truffles, and Squeakers."

"Looks like you hit the jack pot, you found a gorgeous home!" said Henry, looking around at the sparkling barn and grounds.

"You look pretty happy yourself," Indy said to Henry. "But I wasn't always this lucky.  My first owner bought me because she thought it would be fun to own a horse.  She didn't know how much time I would take, and how much work she was going to have to do."

"So you ended up in rescue?" asked Henry.

"That's how I got here," said Indy.  "Now I get all  the hugs and kisses I want.  --And also the other things a horse really needs, like fresh carrots and clean stalls and brushing and veterinary care.  You name it, we've got it.  I don't have any worries anymore."

"My friends over there thought that someone may have shrunken you," said Henry, slightly embarrassed to acknowledge how short the horses were.

Hawk let out a giant laugh, (for such a little horse).  "We are Miniature Horses," said Hawk.  "We are supposed to be this size."

"Oh," said Henry with a sheepdogish grin.  "What about the Animal Control Pawficer," asked Henry.  "Does he ever bother you?"

"He?" asked Indy.

"Well, I haven't met him yet," said Henry.  "I'm still waiting for him to get here."

"Well wait no longer," said Indy.  "He, is back."

Henry looked up, but the only pawson he could see was the lady returning to the yard.  Henry looked at Indy who had a slight smirk on her face.

"You mean?" asked Henry. "The Pawficer is the beautiful lady?" 

Now it was Henry's turn to laugh out loud.   "Wait 'til I tell Cricket and Molly.  They were certain he, I mean she, was going to be a nasty man in a funny car who hated animals and drove around snatching dogs and putting them in jail."

Indy smiled a big smile too.

"Pawficer Ellen would do anything for an animal in need," she said proudly.  "She is the best trained Upright I have ever known.  No matter what the time of day or night, if there is an animal in trouble, she goes right away to help.  She's rescued dogs, birds, horses, cats, a lizard and even raccoons and their little raccoon babies."

"Then they should write "Animal Assistance Pawficer" on her truck," said Henry.

"As long as the Uprights paint the cars," said Indy, "they'll probably get it wrong."

"I just wish folks didn't think that the Animal Pawficer was a bad guy.  If they only knew the sacrifices pawficers make every day to keep the animals safe, they wouldn't think of them as villains.  They really are rescue angels," said April.

"Oh I know all about rescue angels," said Henry.  "Cricket and Molly are going to be so surprised."