Book 2 Table Of Contents, Photos, art and story are the Copyrighted Pawperty of Henry Holland
and may not be copied without his consent, which he will not give without considerable 



1. To Whom It May Concern

2. Lucy and Gwennie To The Rescue

3. Sisters...Sisters...

4. An Enchanted Forest

5. Crossing Paths 

6.Things That Go BUMP In The Night


7. Together As A Team

8. In Dognito

9, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

10. Our House

11. Miss Molly Malone

12. The Best Pawlicy

13. An Apawlogy

14. Two Wrongs Make A Right



15. Girl Talk

16.Thank You Notes

17.World Wide Wiggle

18.Dog Hair!

19. The Rescue Riders

20. A New Leash On Life

21. Busted!


Book 2 Lesson:
How To Approach
An Unknown Dog


22. The Green-Eyed Monster

23. Some Dog's Bite

24. Oil Spot

25. First Kiss

26. Car Wash

27. Ugly Poop Suits

28. Mr. Remington


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29. Party Bus

30. Presents and Presence

31. Make A Wish

32. iPaw

33. One Word At A Time

34. Tic Tac Toe

35. Patrick Goes A Courtin'


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36. The Princess and The Pawficer

37. A Chance Meeting

38. The Prisoners

39. Take Good Care Of Yourself

40. Pawficer Henry

41. Side By Side

42. "Leaving" A Thoughtful Gift


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43. The Secret Signal

44. A Deflating Experience

45. She Loves Me!

46. The Max and Dixie Line

47. A Friend In Need 

48. Puppy Love

49. Wiggle Gets A Lift

50. A Pawposal

The End Book 2

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