Traveling In Dognito  
Molly found the Mother Upright's glasses and munched on them just enough to make them useless. 
Cricket found a bath towel that would be just the right size to hide under.  She couldn't get it over her head, but Patrick said it would be no pawblem to help her with that.


With Molly's help, Patrick was able to cover little Cricket in her secret disguise.
Now to find a place to hide her.

"I can't see," complained Cricket as she went around and around in circles.

"And I feel dizzy, and I think I'm gonna..."

"Whoa! Not on the rug!" said Patrick, as he jumped up to help Cricket.

      Molly picked out a corner behind a big chair. 
      "You'll be safe here," she said. 

      "Stay under that towel!"

Suddenly Cricket realized that she could be hiding for a long time under that towel.

"Hey, wait a minute!" she objected.  "How come YOU get to meet the uprights and I have to hide under here?

"Oh silly," said Molly, "that's because you're little and you can hide behind me, better than I can hide behind you!"

"I don't think I'm gonna like this hiding thing too much" sulked Cricket.

"Shhhhhhh" said Molly.  "It's just until the Uprights leave for work."