Girls Just Wanna Have Fun  

Poor little Cricket could feel her heart beating fast when the Uprights got up and got ready for work. 

Patrick kept Molly out of the way as well. 

"It's best if we introduce you to the Uprights AFTER they've had their coffee," said Patrick.  He always knew the best time to talk to the family about something impawtant.

Molly snuck a peak at the Upright Family from the window.
"They look like such nice people," she said out loud. 
"They didn't even seem to mind that they are covered in dog hair on their way to work!"

"My kind of Uprights," said Cricket, "maybe they won't even notice an extra sheepdog or two hanging around."

When the "coast was clear", the four furry friends gathered for a quick meeting in the kitchen.

"So far so good," said Henry.  "Mother Upright left in such a hurry, she didn't even know she forgot her glasses.  Everything is going according to plan."

"That was a totally cool idea to hide the coffee beans," snickered Patrick.  "Without coffee they are zombies in the morning!"

"They seem pretty nice," said Molly.  "Do you think they will like us?"

"Sure," said Patrick. "As long as you don't tell them that you are still not potty trained.  What's the big deal anyway?" he asked them.  "Why not use the doggie door to go outside any time you need to go?"


"Ewww, Yuck, Gross! " said the sisters at once.  "That is the boys bathroom.  Girls go inside!"

Patrick and Henry looked at each other.  These two sure had lots to learn.  But since they really never had a chance to live inside before, everyone would need alot of patience with them.

"Why don't you two go outside," said Patrick O'Malley, "have a little fun."

"Outside?" The girls looked puzzled.  "We HATE going outside!"

Patrick remembered that the twins had not been allowed indoors too much in their young lives, and didn't know how much fun they could have in a big yard with a fence.

"You'll like the yard," he said.  "Just don't get dirty.  When it's time to meet the Uprights you need to look your best!"

- On Patrick's recommendation, the girls trotted outside to explore. 

"I guess it's ok if you're not tied up." said Cricket.

"Look!" Said Molly, "I can see myself in this puddle!" 

"Wait for me!" splashed Cricket, joining her sister in the giant puddle.

"Quit moving," said Molly Malone, "you're messing up my reflection."

"We'll be nice and clean when we meet the Uprights," said Cricket.

"You mean "I" will be nice and clean," said Molly, "You have to hide under the towel."

"Drats!" said Cricket.  "I just want to have some fun!"