Our House  

Our House
Is a very, very, very fine house
with six dogs in the yard,
hiding two is hard.
If only they could fall in love with you...
When the sheepies heard the Uprights coming home after work, they ran inside to their assigned hiding places. Cricket tried to steal a look at them before she had to go back under the towel.
Henry tried to look calm as he greeted the Uprights and waited for them to notice that his kibble bowl was empty.
"Hello dears!" the Uprights said when they got home.  "Were you good when we were at work today?" 

Henry pretended to be chewing on his bone and didn't answer.

Patrick wiggled his butt a mile a minute to tell the uprights he was happy to see them and to put them in a good mood, because sheepies wiggling their butts ALWAYS put the uprights in a good mood.

"Did anyone see my glasses?" asked Mother Upright.
Just then, Henry noticed a large puddle on the floor.  He shot a look of disapproval at the girls.

"Thank goodness she can't see right now," said Henry, running for the paper towels.

Patrick was getting his courage up to introduce one of the girls to the uprights.

"We were good ALL DAY," he said.  "And we have someone we'd like you to meet.  She's a foster dog!"