Miss Molly Malone  

This is how Miss Molly Malone looked to Mother Upright without her glasses.
"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Miss Molly Malone, our foster guest," said Patrick. 

Poor little Cricket always felt her heart beating fast when she was nervous, like right now when Patrick introduced Molly to the Uprights. 

She was scared and she was also feeling a little sorry for herself under that towel, because Molly was getting so much attention from everyone.

"The little darling," said the Uprights, (who were wondering why Molly had such a big butt).

This is how Miss Molly looked in real life.

Patrick thought that everything was going according to plan.

Molly liked meeting the Uprights, and she gave them lots of hugs and kisses.

Cricket just wanted to jump out and say, "I'm here too!" but she stuck to Patrick's plan, even though she was starting to doubt it would work.

Molly could not believe her good fortune when it came time for bed.  After a night of playing with the Upright family, they not only LET her up on the bed, they EXPECTED her to join them there.

"Silly Molly," said Mother  Upright.  "Where do you think FURchildren are supposed to sleep?"

"FURchildren!" thought Molly.  "They don't even call us dogs here!  This is GREAT!"

Mother Upright told all the FURkids to line up for "Crunch Crunch Time".  Molly quickly learned that this was a favorite tradition when each "fur child" got a couple of  little bed time snacks. 

Molly was in heaven munching away when all of a sudden everyone heard a little cough.
Cricket was getting steaming mad that Molly was getting all of the cookies while she was stuck under the towel.  She coughed a little to let Molly know that she had better SHARE those treats! 

"Poor little dear," said the Mother Upright.  "No wonder you are wearing that blanket.  You must have caught a little cold."  She's sweet, thought the Mother Upright, but she sure does have a big butt.  She turned out the light and everyone squirmed around on the bed trying to get comfortable.

For Henry and Patrick, it was another restless sleep.  Henry was worried about Patrick being disappointed if the Uprights said the girls would have to go.  Patrick was worried about the girls being allowed to stay together.  The girls were worried about everything.

As Henry dozed off to sleep, he thought he could hear little Cricket whimpering. 
"Something must be done," he thought.  "She's so little and so scared. One way or another, we need to resolve this." 

The next morning, when the Uprights had left again for work, the furry friends talked about the events of the previous day.

"I just can't stand another minute under that stupid towel," said Cricket.

"You think YOU have it bad," asked Molly.  "How would you like it if everyone kept telling you that your butt was too big?"

"I think I made a mistake," said Patrick.  "Maybe I should have told the Uprights the whole truth."

Henry listenned to all the sides of the discussion.  "Perhaps it is best if we talk to Wiggle," he said thoughtfully.
"She always has good advice for me when I'm feeling stuck."

The four furry friends agreed that after breakfast they would explain the whole thing to Wiggle and see if she could help.