The Best Pawlicy  

"C'mon everyone.  Wiggle is going to help us figure out what to do!" hollered Molly and Cricket with excitement.

They were in a hurry to find a solution to the big mess they found themselves in.

"Hop in everyone!" said Wiggle.  "I'll take you for a ride and we can try to sort things out."

So the six furry friends put their paws on board and their heads together.

HT and Scruffy were certain that the sheepies were in BIG trouble, and they were kind of hoping to watch.

After all, it wasn't as if Henry and Patrick were trying to rescue terriers or anything!

Cricket told Wiggle the whole story. She never meant to cause any trouble.  She just wanted to stay with her sister Molly, no matter what.

It was very hard on the twins to be given up in the first place, and now they were trying to figure out who they could trust.

Wiggle listened hard to each of the fur kids' side of the story.

"Do you think that I have earned your trust?" Wiggle asked the girls.

"Why yes, of course!" they both said. "You have been our HELPER."

"Good," said Wiggle.  "I want you to think hard about what I am telling you now.  I think you should go to the Upright Family and tell them what really happened.  Perhaps they will know a way the two of you can stay together for real."

"They did seem nice," said Cricket.

"But I'm embarrassed that we didn't tell them the truth from the beginning," said Molly Malone.

The terriers were disappointed that the girls were not getting into trouble.

"It's easier to get the mats out of your fur, than to fix the damage that lies incur," said Wiggle.

"Wish I'd said that," thought Henry, "Honesty IS the best Pawlicy."

"Do we have an agreement?" asked Wiggle. 

"Yes, ok.  No more hiding the truth," said the girls. 


With that, the furkids had a good laugh.

As scared as they were, they DID trust Wiggle, and they knew they needed some  grown-up help.