An aPAWlogy  

When Wiggle returned home the sheepies wished each other good luck, and they steeled their nerves to face whatever fate would bring.

The terriers were still sort of hoping the sheepdogs would get into trouble, but deep down inside, they understood why the girls had gone to such great lengths to stay together.

Molly was feeling guilty that her sister had worked so hard to get them a home together and then ended up under the towel while she got all the attention from the Uprights.

"I'll go first," Molly said bravely.  She stepped out of the bus and right into the path of the Boy Upright.

"What's wrong Miss Molly?" asked the Boy Upright.  He could tell she was very scared. 

"I'm afraid I've done something very wrong," said Miss Molly.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" asked the boy.

Molly hesitated.  She looked at Wiggle for reassurance.  Wiggle winked at her.  It was the same magical wink she saw the first time she met Wiggle.  Filled with more courage than she ever knew was inside her, Molly Malone told the boy upright all about her sister and the trouble they had gotten into.

"We had better go inside and talk to the grown-ups" said the Boy Upright.

Molly waved to the others and out they trotted, one by one, anxious to get this over with. 

"Please Mr. Boy Upright, my name is Miss Cricket.  Do you have room in your house for my sister and me?" she asked him sweetly.

"You are so cute!" he said. "Stay right here while I get the Parent Uprights.  They are never going to believe this!"

"That's what I'm afraid of," thought Molly Malone.


Miss Molly apologized to the Upright Family for not telling them the truth about her sister.  "I am very sorry I didn't tell you the whole story," she said.

Patrick said the whole thing was his idea and he said he was sorry too for not going to the Uprights in the first place.

Henry agreed that he probably should have known better.  Henry and Patrick explained that they missed their sister Guinness very much, and thought she must have sent the twins to them some how.   This was the first the twins had ever heard about Guinness.  They wanted to ask more about her, but the knew this was the wrong time.  The furry friends were PRAYING they would be allowed to stay.