Two Wrongs Make A Right  

"Everybody makes mistakes," said Mother Upright.  "The important thing is that you are all safe, and that you have learned from it.  The bigger a problem seems, the better it is to find someone to help you with it.  There is ALWAYS someone who will help."

The terriers looked down-right annoyed at this point.  They thought surely that the sheepdogs were going to get in BIG trouble.  They could already tell that the Mother Upright wasn't furious.

Patrick O'Malley couldn't believe his floppy ears.  Was it really going to be THIS easy?

"There is still a problem we have to deal with," said the Mother Upright. 

"Oh boy, here it comes," thought Henry, (who was smart enough to NOT say this out loud).

"This package came today, I  need someone to help me open it."

"Drats!" thought HT, "I was hoping they'd get a lecture."


The four sheepies gathered around to see the box.

Mother Upright chose Cricket to help since she had been stuck under the towel and had not had any fun.

Miss Cricket was happy to open the package because it looked like a big present.  She jumped up onto the chair and tore away at the wrapping paper.


"Look Molly!" squealed Cricket when she opened the box.  "Pawsonalized collars, just like Henry and Patrick and HT and Scruffy have! One for me and one for you!"

"We match!" said Miss Molly. 
The twins loved accessories and these were wonderful.

"Wait a minute," frowned Patrick.  "If you have just met Cricket, then how did you know to have this collar made for her?"

Mother Upright laughed.  "Grannie Annie called me and asked which twin we would like to adopt.  I have been wondering when you were going to introduce Cricket to us!"


A sudden hush fell over everyone, as they were jolted back to the reality that Molly and Cricket were still up for adoption.  Just as Mother Upright was going to tell who she picked to stay,  they realized that they would also be finding out which one would have to go.

Molly eventually got enough sound in her voice to pipe meekly, "Which one did you pick?"

"Neither one of you," said the Mother Upright.

Cricket and Molly felt certain they had blown their chances to be adopted here by all their scheming.

"I'm sorry.  But it would be wrong for us to adopt Molly, and it would be wrong for us to adopt Cricket," continued the Mother Upright.  "Unless of course, you would let us adopt you both!"