Girl Talk  

Miss Molly Malone and Miss Cricket felt like the luckiest pups in the world when they finally were adopted. 

"Not only did we get adopted, we got adopted TOGETHER!" they said smiling with happiness. 

Molly and Cricket held each others paw and thought about how lucky they were.   No matter where one went, the other was right there too.  They loved to play dress up and they took turns doing each other's nails and hair.
The sisters talked about EVERYTHING. 

"Can you keep a SECRET?" asked Cricket while Molly was doing her nails.


"The good kind of secret or the bad kind of secret?" asked Molly. 

Wiggle had taught them that fun secrets were ok, like planning a party for someone.  But bad secrets were when someone was doing something they should NOT be doing and didn't want you to tell.

"I think it's a GOOD secret," said Cricket.

"Ok, then," said Molly excitedly, " I can keep a GOOD secret!"

"I think I have a crush on Patrick," she said. 

Molly giggled.

"He sure seems to like you too," said Molly. 

"Do you like Henry?" asked Cricket.

"I don't really know," said Molly.  "He seems so far away.  He's kind of hard to get to know."

"Yeah," sighed Cricket.  "He acts like he has alot on his mind."

 "What are you going to do about Patrick?" asked Molly. 

"I've learned my lesson," said Cricket.  Honesty is MY Pawlicy.  I think I'm just going to tell him."

"Good Luck," said Molly with another giggle.