Thank YOU!  

Cricket and Molly didn't forget to say Thank You in all their excitement about being adopted.

They went to everyone they could reach to tell them how much they appreciated all the help they got along the way to their FurEver home.

They thanked Mr. Upright...

They thanked the Boy Upright...
They thanked the Mother Upright and Henry and Scruffy and HT.

They thanked the Head Beagle...
Only THIS time they knew who she really was!
Molly had agreed to let Cricket thank Patrick by herself, which was a good thing because when she went to thank him she got all mushy. 

Patrick got so embarrassed that he buried his snout in his paw so that Cricket would not see him blush.

"Mushy girl stuff!" thought Patrick.  But he was secretly enjoying the fact that Cricket liked him.

They didn't even know where to begin to thank Wiggle.
But they tried their best to tell her how much they knew she was involved in helping them.
"It is FUN to help others," said Wiggle, 
"I was HAPPY to do it!"

Wiggle was beaming with pride because everything had worked out so well for the girls and because they remembered to take the time to thank everyone that helped them.

"How do we thank our old vet who lives so far away?
 Or Gwennie and Lucy, or the postman?" the twins asked Wiggle.

"Do either of you know how to use the computer?" Wiggle asked.

"Molly is really good on the "Wiggle World Web" said Cricket.

"Well," said Wiggle, "if you get the Uprights' pawmission, pawhaps you can send them an email or a letter."

"Pawfect," said Molly.

"When you are on the internet, Wiggle asked them, "do you think you could find something for me?  Henry's birthday is coming up, soon.  There is something very special I would like to find for him."

"What is it?" asked the twins filled with excitement. 

"Come close and I will whisper it to you," said Wiggle.  "It's a secret, the GOOD kind of secret."

"ANYTHING!" said the girls, listening attentively.

"Wiggle whispered softly so no one would overhear and ruin the surprise.