We're Gonna Do It Together!  
When the Furry Foursome got home it was very late and the Uprights were fast asleep.  They left the luggage in the Wigglebus to be less pawspicuous.

Patrick and Henry settled the girls in with a snack and went off to have a bone and to talk about this latest pawdicament.

"I know Mother Upright will not mind one foster dog here," said Henry. "But she might sprout a snout if she sees two."


"But they are so little," said Patrick, and all they want in the whole world is to stay together."

Henry realized that Patrick liked the twins and that he missed having a playmate.

"We need some sort of a plan to help them," Patrick continued. "Are you in?"

Henry knew that somehow he was going to end up helping Patrick with this scheme, so he figured he might just as well give in now. 

"Yeah, I'm in," he said.

Little did they know that while they were plotting in the den, Cricket and Molly were having a discussion of their own in the living room.

"Pretty nice house," said Molly Malone. 
"Did you see the doggie door?"

"How about the built in dog water bowl," said Cricket.  "It never runs out of water.  And the Uprights don't pee in it!"


"Did you see the size of the COOKIE JAR?" Molly continued.

"And the big four poster bed!" added Cricket.

"I especially love the fact that they have a talking bus with seats for everyone," thought Molly out loud.

"I hope they let us stay here," they both sighed together.

Henry guarded the door to the bedroom to make certain that the Uprights did not come out and catch them. 

Patrick called the twins in to tell them that he was going to try to help.

Since this was going to be an impawtant meeting, he cleared his throat and opened the page of a book called "A Furstory of Canine Canivery and Cavorting". 


He was partly mulling over plans to help the girls, and partly trying to impress them by reading  such a big book.

"Since the typical upright specimen has only primitive use of scent, the species relies heavily on visual pawspective..." read Patrick.

"...Hmmm..." he thought, "visual pawspective.  That's it!  If they only see ONE of you, we shouldn't have any pawblems at all!" he said triumphantly.  Cricket looked at Patrick with admiration.  Molly was deep in thought, wondering how they were going to pull this off.

"Molly," Patrick directed.  "You find the Mother Upright's eye glasses.  She is useless without them."

"Cricket," he continued, "you are going to need to find something to hide under, like a blanket or something.
Hurry! It's almost morning.  The Uprights will be awake soon.  We don't have a moment to lose."