A Lift For Wiggle  

Wiggle drove gingerly on her sore tire to the repair shop. It was dark outside and getting late.

"Go inside and pick out a replacement tire," the manager said to Henry.  "We are going to give Wiggle a little lift."

"This is fun!" said Wiggle.

Usually Wiggle was the one giving rides to others,  but here at the tire store, Wiggle got a ride of her very own (with the help of the mechanics and a special hydraulic lift). 

"She must weigh a ton!" said one of the men. 

Wiggle did not like hearing that comment one bit.  She had worked hard to keep her girlish figure.

"She IS a ton!" said Cricket, "She is a ton of fun!"

"Oh my!" giggled Wiggle.  "I guess it's ok to be that kind of a ton!"

The friends left Wiggle in the repair bay and went around to the department store to pick out her new tire. 

When they got to the door, they were greeted by a NO Pets Allowed sign.

"It's a good thing we didn't bring our uprights," said Molly.  "They would have had to wait in the car."

"It's not a good idea for Uprights to be left in the car," agreed Henry.  "Even if you crack the window open for them.  They can get very sick being left alone in cars."

"It's just better to leave them home if they aren't allowed in the store," said Patrick.

"I wonder why they are not allowed in some places?" asked Cricket.

"Maybe some dogs are allergic to uprights and so they can't let them in." suggested Henry.

"That would be really sad to be allergic to uprights," said Molly. 

Everyone agreed.  Going through life without a few pet uprights of your very own was too hard for them to imagine.

Henry found the BF Goodpaw tires in the right size for Wiggle. 

"She might look kind of funny with one new tire," said Molly.  "It would be like wearing one new shoe and one old shoe. What do you think Cricket?  Cricket?  Where are you?" called Molly.

Cricket was no where to be seen.  Come to think of it, neither was Patrick.

"They must have gone off to look at something else," said Henry.  "We'll catch up with them later."

"Do you think we should get Wiggle ALL new tires?" asked Molly.

"It's probably a good idea," agreed Henry.  "I know it will cheer her up."

"But how will we carry four tires over to the repairman?" asked Molly.

"With a PawTruck", said Henry, stacking four new tires carefully."

"Pawfect!" said Molly.

Henry and Molly paid for the tires using their Master's Card, and went to watch the look on Wiggle's face when she saw her new treads.

"She's going to feel brand new!" said Molly, beaming with pride.

"She deserves it," said Henry.  "Every single mile on those old tires was put there for someone else. It's time that Wiggle had some nice things for herself."

Henry and Molly wondered where Cricket and Patrick were, but the repairmen were waiting, so they had to get the new tires to the repair bay.

"They'll catch up with us," said Molly. 

"I hope so," said Henry.  "Book Two is almost finished.  I hope they get back in time."