A Pawposal  

Patrick brought Cricket over to the jewelry department to see if he could find out what kind of jewelry she liked. All the diamonds sparkled magnificently under the big store lights.   Patrick had been dying to get Cricket to a jewelry counter without her suspecting what he was up to, but he had not had the chance.  His heart was beating so fast he thought he was going to burst. 

"That is the biggest diamond I have ever seen!" exclaimed Cricket.  "There are so many beautiful jewels here!"

"Which one do you like best?" asked Patrick, trying not to sound too curious.

"I'll take them all!" said Cricket laughing happily.

"Gosh, she's not going to make this easy," thought Patrick.

"We better catch up with Henry and Molly," said Patrick.  "See if you can find them in the tires, I'll be right there,"

Patrick was so nervous.  He kept repeating what Mr. Remington had told him,  "One word at a time, in a very romantic place."

Patrick rehearsed everything in his mind over and over.

"I hope she feels the same way I do," said Patrick.  "I'd jump through hoops for Cricket, I love her so much."

He thought about the first night he met her as a little stow-away in the back of the Wigglebus.

He thought of all that they had been through since they hid her under a towel from the uprights.

He thought about the first time they went to court. 

"I am sooo nervous," he thought. 


"Attention Shoppers, the store will be closing in fifteen minutes.  Please make your final selection and head for the checkout," boomed a voice over the loudspeaker.

Next, he heard Henry's voice calling to them.  "Patrick, Cricket, hurry!  It's time to end Book 2!"

"Oh dear," thought Patrick.  "If I don't ask her now, I will have to wait for Book 3.  I HAVE to ask her now!"

Meanwhile, back at the tire bay, Wiggle was finishing up with her fitting.  "These feel wonderful!" she told the guys!  I feel like I could drive 100,000 miles now!  Four new tires!  My friends will never believe it!"

"You deserve it Wiggle," said Henry and Molly arriving back at the bay.  "What a wonderful way to end Book 2.  You are all ready for your next exciting adventures!"

"Do we have to end Book 2 so soon?" asked Molly.  "There have been so many wonderful adventures for Cricket and me."

"Yes, we have to end Book 2 now," said Henry hurriedly.  "We are on page 50.  Who ever heard of going past page 50?"

Wiggle made friends with all the guys who replaced her tires.  Every where she went she made new friends. 

"Are we really at the end of Book 2?" they asked. "We better wish you luck, and if anything ever happens to these tires, you come right back, ok?" said the guys. 

Henry and Molly thanked everyone for their hard work.

"Looks like we are finished here, and ready for our next adventures!" said Henry.


"Looks like the end of the book for sure!" said Molly. 

With that, the guys took Wiggle down from her lift and waved good bye as they closed the shop.

"It's time for the end," said Henry.  "Where is Patrick?  Where is Cricket?  It's not like them to miss something this impawtant!"

The truth was that Patrick and Cricket had found a private spot among the stack of tires to have a serious talk.  Ever since they had fallen in love, they were in their own little world, not too aware of anything else around them.

"Do you think this is romantic Cricket?" asked Patrick.

"Of course it is romantic," said Cricket.  "It is just the two of us, you and me."


"I, um, um, er, need to ask you something," said Patrick, stumbling over his words.

"Is something wrong?" asked Cricket with concern.

"I'm going to POP!" confessed Patrick.

"Pop what?" asked Cricket.

"I'm going to pop the question!" said Patrick.

Concentrating hard to get the right words, Patrick bent down on one knee, took out the biggest ring they had in the whole store, and looked at Cricket with his big brown eyes.

"Cricket, will you marry me?" Patrick pawposed.

Before Cricket had the chance to believe her ears, the Wigglebus gang had reached the bottom of the page.  In fact, they had reached the end of Book Two.

"But wait!" Patrick said in a panic.  "I need to know her answer!"


It was too late.  Book Two ended on page 50. 

What do you think Cricket will say? 

If YOU think that waiting to find out is difficult, imagine what poor Patrick is going through!