Make A Wish...  

Patrick helped Mr. Remington out of the Wiggle Bus. 

"I'll put you up high on Wiggle's hood so that you can see everything." Patrick said.

"We can't cut the cake 'til we sing Happy Birthday!" said HT.

Henry was glad he had long fur to hide how flustered he was from everyone singing the Birthday song to him.

"Make a wish," said Patrick, "and blow out the candles."

"I wish that we can ALL make a wish," said Henry.

 All the friends thought about the wishes they would like to make.


"My wish has already come true," said Mr. Remington.

"What is your wish?" asked Cricket.

"I have always wanted to see the world.  Of all the years I have helped people tell their stories, and of all the places I have typed about, I have never been outside before."

"Never?" asked Molly, shocked by what Mr. Remington was saying.

"Never outside of a box," said Mr. Remington.  "I have looked out many office windows and wondered what it was  like to be outdoors. No one ever thought to bring me outside before.

"I'm not telling my wish," giggled Cricket, looking straight at Patrick.

"I'm wishing that I knew what you were wishing," Patrick said to Cricket.

"I'm wishing you sheepdogs would stop chasing me," said Scruffy. 

"Fat chance," they all laughed. 

"I'm wishing that my batteries would always start." said Wiggle.

"I'm wishing that I could share some cake with Guinness," said Henry. 

Just at that moment, a pink balloon wrestled free from it's ribbon and floated to the sky.

"Maybe you can share the balloon with her," said Scruffy.

"Good idea!" said Henry. "This balloon is for you, Guinney Gumdrops."

"My turn, my turn," said Miss Molly Malone.  "I'm wishing you will like the OTHER present that we got you."

"Another present besides Mr. Remington?" asked Henry with delight.


"You can have it after we eat our cake and ice cream," said HT, "because I'm wishing we could eat it RIGHT NOW!"

"Looks like we have to grant HT her wish," laughed Cricket, staring at the cake.  "We better have our cake and ice cream right now!"