When Everyone was finished with their cake and ice cream, HT brought the last presents over to Henry.

"This is from the rest of us," said HT.  "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold."

"I guess I am the "old" friend," chuckled Mr. Remington.  "Or am I the "new" friend?" he laughed.

"I'd say you are the new old friend," laughed Scruffy.

Henry opened the birthday bag. 
"Whoa Doggies!" he cried, "an iPaw!" 

"There are some other little things in there too," said HT.

"Henry snuffled around in the bag and found some pawcessories to go with the iPaw."

"This is way too cool!" he said.  "You guys are the best!"


Henry plugged his iPaw in to hear and to feel the music. He played his favorite song by Baha Men.  Some of Henry's best friends do not hear with their ears, and so this is a picture of what the music felt like to him.  The words go like this: "Who Let The Dogs Out? Woof, Woof, Woof Woof!" 
And for Henry's friends who DO hear with their ears, you can press the play button below to hear what Henry is listenning to! 
"If your uprights use THEIR ears you might want to turn the volume down," snickered Cricket.
"What exactly IS an "iPaw"? asked Mr. Remington.  I have never seen one before.

"It's a sort of storage device for digital music," said HT.  "That little box can fit thousands of songs into it."

"Really!" pondered Mr. Remington.  "There sure are alot of new fangled things for me to learn about!"

"I'm through learning things for today," yawned HT.  "Time to go home for my nap!"

"An excellent idea!" everyone agreed, and with that they headed for home.