Things That Go Bump In the Night  

Grannie Annie settled Frances in while Henry said a quick hello to Lucy and Gwennie.
"I'll walk you out," Grannie Annie said to Patrick and Henry.
It was dark outside, but Patrick and Henry wanted to give Grannie Annie a little tour of their WiggleBus. 

Henry was startled to hear the little chimes in the back window playing, even though the bus was not moving.  Just then, they heard the sound of something falling from behind the bus.

"Who's there?" called Patrick, thinking someone had broken into the bus.

Henry went outside and opened up the back doors.  Out fell a little red suitcase.  Then,  a little blue suitcase.  He looked up to see two wide-eyed  stow aways, hiding in the back.

Henry was half amused and half annoyed. 
"Did you know about this Wiggle?" he asked.

Poor Wiggle could barely answer him.  "I have been sneezing so much," was all she could say.

Patrick thought the whole idea of stow-aways was very cool!

Henry and Annie took one look at each other and laughed. 

"Rescue Dust!" they both said. 

"Well, it is getting very late," said Annie. "I suppose you could take the girls home and foster them until we figure out where they should go.  I know you have a great fence.  That will be important with these two rascals," she said. "If you'd like to, of course."

"Pawsome!" said Patrick O'Malley!

"I guess it will be ok," said Henry, not too certain what Mother Upright would say if she saw TWO little ones come through the door.  "As long as we are only fostering them, " he said. 

Puppies made him nervous.  Without Guinney Gumdrops around, he wasn't sure he could handle one of them, let alone two.

"I'm going to need YOUR help Wiggle," he said, not certain if Wiggle was in on their little ploy or not.