An Enchanted Forest  




The twins slipped outside through a beautiful glass door that overlooked  a very dark woods.   They were hoping to escape unnoticed while the others were busy with all the commotion in the driveway. 


They ran and they ran straight into those dark woods thinking they had finally escaped when they suddenly walked smack dab into a fence!

"We are trapped", they panicked.  Not knowing what to do, they hid beneath some bushes to try to figure out a plan.  They knew they were too little to be out there alone, but the thought of anyone separating them was more than they could stand. 

It was dark and creepy in the woods. Every time a twig snapped it made Cricket jump. 

"I'm AFRAID of the dark!" whispered Molly.

Cricket gave Molly Malone a giant hug.

"I love you Molly, and no matter what happens to us, I promise I will NEVER forget you.  Cross My Paws."

"I love you too," Molly said, "but we've got to get OUT of here!"

"What's' THAT?" cried Cricket!  "Look at that light over there!"



The two sisters jumped up and followed the pretty light without  a moment's hesitation. 

"I think it is FireFlies," said Molly.

"Or maybe a fairy light", said Cricket. 

The little girls trotted off to see what it was, forgetting all about their fears.