A New Leash On Life  

"If you've come this far," said Patrick O'Malley, "it must be for a good reason. I'll bet the rescue angles have found someone very special for you to love."

"I hope I get human puppies," said Razzi. "I hope they are just my size."


"I hope I get my own yard" said Bradley, and Uprights that take me for walks, and play fetch.  It was so crowded at the shelter, all I wanted to do was stretch my legs and play.  The people there were so kind, but there were just too many dogs to play with all of us."
"Look, we are HERE!" exclaimed Cricket as they pulled in. "Look at the pretty upright!  She's taking a movie of you!" 

Wiggle was smiling her biggest smile.  She played her rescue songs over her loudspeaker as Henry pulled the bus into the meeting place.

"I'm so nervous," said Bradley who couldn't sit still.

"Don't be nervous Bradley," said Wiggle happily. There is a family out there waiting, and they are so happy to meet you that their eyes are leaking!"

The second that Bradley stepped out of the bus, he knew the Uprights there were his very own to keep.  This was the family he had dreamed of.  This was the family he had traveled so very far to be part of.  He didn't know how the rescue angels knew... 
but they were pawfect.
The uprights gave him the universal dog/human hug that said "We'll love you forever".  Bradley knew he was home! 

Every long mile he had traveled, everything he had been through was all worth it, just to find someone out there in that great big world to love him like this!

"Someone pinch me!" thought Bradley.  "Hey, that's right... I'm BRADLEY now, and I BELONG..."

He knew from then on everything would be all right.  He closed his eyes for a moment and thanked the Rescue Angels in his heart.  He said a prayer for his friends back at the Rescue too, that every one of them would be as lucky as he was today.

Patrick poked his head out of the window.  He was watching everything and whispering it back to the others on the bus.

"The Brad-ster has it made in the shade!" said Patrick! "Woo hoo!"

"Did anyone come for me?" asked little Razzi in a scared voice, too frightened to look.


Wiggle opened her door and the most wonderful upright puppies that Razzi had ever seen popped in to meet her.  Their parents were right at their side teaching them all the smart ways to meet a dog, and how to be very, very gentle with their new best friend.  It was love at first sniff! 

This time, it was Wiggle's eyes that were leaking happy tears.  Not only was she happy to help little Bradley and little Razzi make their way across the country, but she also got to see children again. 

Henry carefully unpacked the gifts that the shelter sent with each puppy, and wished them well in their new homes.

Even though Bradley and Razzi were very young, they both stopped to thank Wiggle for helping them to get to their Furever Homes.