A Note From Bradley's Uprights  

From Bradley's Very Smart Uprights
Jen and Erik
This was the info on the Three Sisters Pet Rescue website when we decided to adopt:

Jake is a CROSSLIST for a crowded Indiana Shelter. The Three Sisters would like to help YOU adopt this beautiful boy! We can pull him from the shelter, get him neutered and up to date on shots then bring him to Cincinnati for you to adopt. Here is what the shelter liaison says about Jake: ***Jake is about 3 months old and wants to find his forever home as soon as possible. He is so tired of no company and wants to get out and exercise with a family who loves him. He would show you appreciation if you took him into your home. He was in outside kennel for a short time and someone stole him one night but all of a sudden he was brought back so now Jake is really confused. He cannot imagine what he has done wrong. Jake has been renamed Bradley and is moving to Rhode Island! Congrats to the new parents!

This is some background info from Susan of Three Sisters Pet Rescue after the transport:

Jake/ Bradley, bless his heart, was rescued from a low kill but very crowded situation in Indiana.  He was such a sweetie that everyone here wanted to keep him. Alas, Jen adopted him first so we had to let him go.  :-D This big pup took the entire week in stride. He was neutered on Monday and came for a 6 hour drive to me on Thursday.  Then he fell right in at my busy foster home and left without a whimper on Sat. morning. Never had an accident in the house, even though he had lived in a shelter most of his life.


Our Story:
Erik & I had always discussed getting a dog together once we bought a house and settled into married life.  Shortly after buying our house, one of our neighbors came strolling by with her new pup and told us her rescue story.  It was all over from that point forward.  No longer did we want a pure breed and no longer did we want to go to the local shelter, we wanted to adopt a puppy that truly needed rescuing.  I started my online search and came across some nice looking dogs on the Three Sisters Pet Rescue site.
Bradley (formerly Jake) really caught my eye so I requested the adoption application.  I showed Erik what I had found and explained the process and he agreed to pursue adopting Bradley.  After submitting our application, we were so nervous -- not because we thought we were making a mistake but what if we didn’t meet the criteria for adoption.  Alas, we were approved and we immediately started shopping for things for Bradley so that he would feel right at home.  Fast forward to the weekend of Bradley’s transport, around 5:45pm on July 25th, the Wiggle Bus arrived in Newton,MA.  Our hearts were racing in anticipation as the Wiggle Bus pulled up to our car.  Erik went into the Wiggle Bus to retrieve Bradley and as they came out together I started to cry.  I caught the moment on video to show our friends and family the arrival of our first “child”.  Over the past 5 weeks, Bradley has opened up a lot -- at times he just chills out on his bed with his toys and at other times he runs around the yard or the kitchen like a crazy man, wanting one of us to chase him. Bradley enjoys doing sprints in the yard with Erik as well as playing with his “girlfriend”, Tennessee, who is the lab/shepherd mix that our neighbor rescued which sparked our search.  We are so thankful for Bradley -- he is a wonderful dog and a true companion.
WiggleBus THANKS Jen and Erik for letting us tell their story.  We are so happy our paths have crossed!  They are indeed VERY Smart Uprights to know that somewhere out there, some one needed them.  Bradley is one lucky guy!

Transportation for Bradley cross country was coordinated by Rachel, another "behind the scenes" Rescue Angel through AcmePet Transport.com and the wonderful volunteers who help dogs like Bradley find homes every day!  You don't need a WiggleBus (but it's nice) to help transport  someone's new best friend.  An hour or two drive makes all the difference in the world!  Click the arrow to return to our Story.