Patrick Goes A'Courtin'  

Patrick went a'courtin' and he did ride, 
Bow Wow, Bow Wow...
Patrick went a'courtin' and he did ride, 
Bow Wow, Bow Wow...

Patrick went a courtin' and he did ride,
his best friend Cricket at his side
They rode the Wiggle Bus...

Patrick and Cricket rode the Wiggle Bus,
Beep Beep
Patrick and Cricket rode the Wiggle Bus,
Beep Beep

Patrick and Cricket hopped inside
to find a pumpkin big and wide
They rode the Wiggle Bus!

"Cricket," Patrick said nervously, clearing his throat.  One word at a time, he thought to himself. 
"Would you like to pump pickmans with me?"

"What?" asked Cricket, who did not understand what poor Patrick was trying to say.

"We could find the piggest bumpkin in the batch."

"Um, I mean, er, the biggest pumpkin in the patch!"

"That would be PAWsome" said Cricket.  "I always wanted to pick my own pumpkin!"

"Then we will find the BIGGEST pumpkin in the world!" boasted Patrick.

"When can we go?" asked Cricket.

"There's no time like the present!" said Patrick.  "Let's see if Wiggle can take us right now!"

Wiggle was happy to take the two sweethearts on their first date.  They were so excited. 

Patrick whispered to Wiggle, "Can you take us to where ever the biggest pumpkin in the world is?"

"Can do," said Wiggle, "our secret".

"The GOOD KIND!" smiled Patrick!

When they reached the pumpkin patch, they trotted off through the brambles and the coarse dried vines, to find a big fat pumpkin. 

"I want it to have a good stem," said Cricket.  "Oh this one is wonderful!" she said.

Patrick tried to pick it up.  "Whoa! This thing is heavy!" he said.  "Let's get the hay ride to take us back to the Wigglebus.

As they took the hay ride back to the Wigglebus, Patrick wondered where the biggest pumpkin in the world was. 

He didn't see anything much bigger than the pumpkin they chose in the patch.

Still, he knew that Wiggle ALWAYS kept her word.  She knew how much a promise meant, and so he decided that wherever the biggest pumpkin in the world was, she would surely take them to it.

"Do you want to see the biggest pumpkin in the world?" he asked Cricket.

"Of course I do," she replied.  "Is it bigger than Wiggle?"

"It just may be," said Patrick.

"How will we get it home?" asked Cricket.


Patrick laughed.  "I don't think we can take the biggest pumpkin in the world, but it sure would be fun to see.  This little one is about all that I can carry."

When they got to the Wigglebus, she was waiting for them with her happy smile.  They looked up at her in amazement.  She was parked right next to the biggest pumpkin they had ever seen! 

"Oh that is sooooo cool!" they both said at once.

Cricket and Patrick ran over to see the Giant Pumpkin.

"How did you ever know about this?" Cricket asked Patrick.

"The truth is, Wiggle found it for us," said Patrick.  "But I asked her to."

"I wish Henry and Molly and the terriers could see this," said Cricket.

"We will definitely have to take them back here some day," said Patrick, "but it's also really special that I got to see it here with you."

Cricket smiled in agreement.  "A Wiggle Bus ride, a hay ride, our own pumpkin, and this!  I have had a wonderful day".