The Princess and the Pawficer  

"Abra Abra Paw Dabra
The Dog Catcher's gonna nab ya...
Abra Abra Paw Dabra
He's Gonna Reach Out and Grab Ya!"
"How was your date Cricket and Patrick?" Henry asked.

"We had SO MUCH FUN!" exclaimed Cricket. "Patrick took me to see the biggest pumpkin in the world!"

"Well, if you two love bugs don't mind some company, we ALL have a date today," said Henry.

"We are ALL going on a date?" they asked at once.

"Today we are going to see the Animal Control Pawficer," Henry reminded them.

"Cool!" said Patrick.  "I knew we would do something wicked scary for halloween!"

"I am too afraid," said Molly.  "I do not want to go!"

"Why are you afraid to meet the pawficer?" Henry asked, surprised by her reaction. "Pawficers are not scary."

"They ARE scary," said Molly.  "I've seen them in cartoons.  They are called Dog Catchers because they drive around in funny little trucks and snatch up poor homeless pups and lock them in jail...or worse!

"And they  always have an ugly mean look on their faces," said Cricket. 
"Pawsons who hate animals take those jobs.  I saw the whole thing on television. No way do I want to meet one of them!  They are the bad guys," said Molly.

"What if they put US in jail?" asked Cricket in a nervous voice.  "I don't think it's a good idea either."

"You can't believe everything you see on television," said Henry.  "I'm talking about a REAL LIFE pawson, not a cartoon."

"That's even worse," said Molly.  "They might have a real life jail".

"Don't be afraid, Molly," said Wiggle.  "I'll let you ride in the driver's seat. You'll see.  Everything will be just fine."

Cricket and Molly were not so sure.  They practiced their meanest snarly faces all the way there just in case.


When they got to the address they were looking for, the girls were surprised to see a pretty house and yard.  Patrick was disappointed that it didn't look more scary. 

"It's a trick," said Molly who immediately found PROOF that there would be trouble.  Inside the window of the normal looking house, she saw some things that frightened her.

"Look Henry! That house is full of shrunken dogs! They are the strangest looking things I've ever seen.  And none of them are wagging their tails.  And I see a jail in there,  a miniature jail.  He must shrink them before he puts them in the cage. This is a very bad sign."


Just then, Cricket looked out into the back yard.  "Everyone look!" she whispered excitedly, "There is a beautiful lady, maybe even a princess with golden hair, and she is dancing with a horse! And that horse has been shrunk too!"
Molly and Cricket watched the gentle lady in awe.

"She is wonderful!" they gasped. "Look how kind she is to the shrunken horse!"

"I bet she is here to save the animals from the rotten, mean dog catcher," squealed Molly. "I wonder if she can turn them back into their normal size."

"Should we say hello to her?" asked Patrick.

"Not me, no way," said Cricket nervously.

"I'll stay here with you Cricket," said Patrick, pretending to be brave.

When the beautiful lady went inside the house, Henry went over to talk to the miniature horses to see what was going on.