The Max and Dixie Line  

The Wrench Dog-40 wasn't strong enough to get through all the rust on Wiggle's lug nuts.  "We are going to need some more dog power," said Dixie. 

Just then, Max arrived in his pick-up truck for the auction.

"You guys need any help?" he asked.  Max was ALWAYS willing to help , and with his big strong muscles, he really WAS a help.

"Nice truck," said Kramer. 

"Thanks," said Max, "I picked it out myself.  It's 8 DogPower engine, 4 Paws On The Floor, Sheepdog Grey."

"You guys are always checking out each other's set of wheels," said Dixie.

"It's a guy thing," laughed Max.

"Do you happen to have a wrench in that truck we could borrow?" Dixie asked.

Max brought out a cross wrench that they could use.  Between the WD-40 and the cross wrench, there STILL was not enough paw power to break through the rust.

Dixie suggested that they use ALL their weight to loosen up the lugnuts by attaching the wrench and making a line of dogs who could help to step on the wrench until the lug nuts loosened.

Every single dog that arrived for the fundraiser stopped to help.  Max, followed by Dixie, followed by Kramer, followed by Higgins... The line went on and on. 

"Don't give up!" Dixie encouraged them.  "Work together like a team!" 

Finally, after all the heavy pushing they could manage, the first lug nut gave a rusty squeak! 

"It's working!" said Max. 

"Hooray!" said the dogs! 

"Thank goodness!" said Wiggle.

"Thank the Max and Dixie Line!" laughed Kramer.

Bit by bit, all eight of the rusty lug nuts surrendered to the team's effort.

They carefully jacked up the Wiggle Bus to take her bad tire off. 

"Wiggle seems a bit shaken up," said Kramer.  Maybe someone should stay with her while we take her tire to be fixed.

 "Good idea," said Dixie.  "I'll stay with her if you and Max want to get the tire fixed."

The guys hopped in the pick-up truck and went to search for someone who could fix the tire.

Wiggle was tremendously grateful for all the help of her new friends, but she was also getting worried.  She would still need to get loaded back up when Henry and the others came out, and she didn't want to be late to pick up Patrick and Cricket. 

Making certain that you get to the children on time is a worry that school busses have furever.  Even when the kids are fur-kids.  "They are kids all the same, " thought Wiggle, "and I need to be on time."