Dog Hair!  

One of the most fun things about being a Shaggy Dog is the fun you can have with all your hair.  But as every sheepdog knows, it's also one of the number one reasons that shaggy dogs are given up to rescue. Without constant and proper care, their coats become a prison of pain and infection.

Since Cricket and Molly had never been taught the pawper way to be groomed, getting their hair done was no fun at all.   Henry suggested they get a short hair cut so they could learn how to comb it out without any trouble. 

"Do you think Patrick will like me with short hair?" asked Cricket.

"I am sure of it," said Henry. 
"We can sing the Dog Hair song while you get it cut."

"Dog Hair"
- The Sheepdogs' Version of
the Musical, "Hair"

"They ask us why,
we are Shaggy Guys
We're shaggy morning noon and
nighty night night.

Give us a head with hair,
long scraggly hair.
Merle, White, Gray and Shiny,
on our paws and on our heiney,

Give us down to there hair,
Get it on your clothes, hair,
Here Patrick, there, Henry,
ev'rywhere, Cricket, Molly.

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Hair, hair, hair.
Blow it, Buzz it,
Long as we can brush it our Hair.

Let it fly in the breeze
'til it makes Uprights sneeze,
a place for homeless fleas, our hair!

Scratchin' with the fleas (yeah)
and make Uprights sneeze (yeah)
and blow dust bunnies every where:

Hair, hair, hair
Comb it, Punk it,
Long as we can fuss with our hair...

We like it long, short, buzzed or not,
muddy, pretty, shaggy, matty,
much more than our Upright Daddy,

Powdered, sandy, wet beards, whiskers,
tails or not
depending all with hair,

parted, covered,
dipped in chocolate,
snow-caked with cling-ons in it.

Rip it, tease it, whip it,
dunk it in the toilet,
anything that decorates our hair:

Oh say can I see
through my hair if you don't comb it back,
then I can't

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Hair, hair, hair.
Shag it, Bag it,
Long as we can play with our hair. 


Patrick Singing the "Dog Hair Song"

Cricket Gets a Hair Cut!

Patrick Drying Off!

Molly's Haircut!

Molly's Bath!

Enough to make an extra dog!

"We are going to look SO BEAUTIFUL for our first Rescue Ride in WIggle!" exclaimed Molly!

Henry gave Patrick a wink.  "Whatever you do, tell them they are cute".