The Rescue Riders  

"Do you like our haircuts, Patrick?" asked Cricket nervously.

"You look Pawsitivey Charming," said Patrick, wondering how Henry knew the girls were going to ask him.

"Today is the day we help Wiggle bring the puppies to Boston," he said.

"Henry and the others are waiting for us outside."


The Furry friends hopped into the Wiggle Bus excited to go on a helpful adventure. 

"My, my, don't you girls look wonderful! " said Wiggle, admiring their haircuts.

"Do you know the way Wiggle?" Henry asked.

"All set," she said, "but I could use a wee bit of air in my tires before we go."

So Patrick got out at the gas station and filled the tires with air.   "This is fun, he thought.  You could air squirt your hair dry with this!"


Molly went into the convenience store and bought some candy to share for the ride.

"Time to do our little part to help the puppies get homes," said Wiggle.

"Are we there yet?" asked Cricket five minutes after they left.

"It will take about an hour and a half," said Wiggle.  "We have to drive to the other side of the state.  But every mile we go, someone is a mile closer to their Furever Homes!" 

"How many dogs are we helping today?" asked Molly.

"Well, six dogs started the trip, but 4 of them have already reached their furever homes.  Two will be coming all the way from Indiana and Ohio to Boston. Many many rescue angels are behind the scenes this very minute monitoring their travels.  The little guys have been traveling for three days.  A couple of hours is no big deal for you guys, right?" she asked them.

"Right!" they all agreed.  "We have the best part of the trip because we get to see them with their new families!"

"How do the Rescue Angels find the families?" asked HT.

"Well, in this case, said Wiggle, "the families found them."

Wiggle and Company pulled into a McDoggle's Restaurant just before the other rescue driver arrived. 

While Henry went to use the fire hydrant, Wiggle and the sheepies gave the furry travelers  a cold drink of water and let them stretch before the last leg of their long trip.


"My name USED to be "Jake", but it's going to be Bradley now!" said Bradley importantly. "I'm six months old."
"My name is Razzi" said the tiny little girl puppy. 

"Fasten your seat belts everyone," said Wiggle. "The temperature in Downtown Boston is 72 degrees.  Estimated time of arrival is 5:45pm. Thank You for Riding Wiggle Air." 

Everybody laughed.  And that was a good thing, because the rescue pups were getting nervous, wondering what their new families were going to be like.