A Spot Of Oil  

They looked to see Crabbie getting more and more angry. 

As her ego got bigger and bigger, and her rage got hotter and hotter, she burst in a spontaneous combustion. 

She melted into the roadside like a puddle of oil.

Patrick ran over to see the steam rising from the pavement.  He looked into the oil spot mesmerized by the pretty swirling colors. 

"You never ever have to worry about getting "revenge," said Wiggle. "Pawsons like that will always be their own undoing.  Just be patient, and behave in a way that you like YOURSELF, no matter what they do."

"You seem so calm about all this Wiggle," said Henry with admiration.

Wiggle laughed.  "I don't remember the hard things we go through nearly as much anymore, as I remember the friends who were at my side to help me through," she said.  "Now how are we going to explain this to the twins?"

"Well," said Patrick with a coy smile, "honesty IS the best pawlicy.  We should tell them the truth, but reassure them that everything is ok because Crabbie Coward has destroyed herself with her jealousy."

"Poor Crabbie," said Wiggle.  "She was bitten by the green-eyed monster."

"I thought she WAS the green-eyed monster," said Patrick, 

"No," said Wiggle. "Jealousy is the green-eyed monster.  It can destroy anyone if they let it."

"How is your paw?" Patrick asked Henry.

"It will be pawfect, soon, thanks to Patrick's Pawfect Paw Repair," said Henry.

Patrick laughed.  "Say that three times fast!" he said.

"Pafects pofick pop repair",  blurped Wiggle, "You try it."