A First Kiss  


Honesty IS the Best Pawlicy.  When Henry and Patrick went inside they found Cricket and Molly frightened by what they had just seen out the window.

Molly was biting down on her Stuffy Ball that she used like a 'blanky' when she was nervous.

In all the commotion about Crabbie, neither Patrick nor Henry realized that Cricket and Molly had been watching from inside.  "Kids sure do know alot more stuff than you think," said Henry.

"Everything is OK," Patrick reassured them.


"If mean old Crabbie comes back I'll scare her away like this!" said Cricket, modeling her Fur-ocious look.

Patrick giggled. 

"That's pretty fur-ocious alright.  It sure would scare ME away!" he said with a wink.

"I don't want to scare YOU away Patrick, you are a hero!" Cricket gushed, as she gave him a quick shy peck on the cheek.

Suddenly the room felt like it was swirling around for Patrick.  He didn't know what this feeling was, but he knew he was REALLY happy that Cricket thought he was a HERO!

"Hey wait a minute," Henry teased her. "I'm the one who got bit.  Where's MY kiss?"

Everyone laughed, and Henry thought it was sweet that Patrick and Cricket had found each other.  They were turning out to be very special friends.


"What are we going to do about Wiggle?" asked Molly. "She's the one that REALLY needs a kiss.  She must be pretty upset with all that paint on her."

"I think what will really make her happy is a pawfessional wash," said Henry.

Everyone agreed that Wiggle deserved to get "the works" and they were excited to run out to tell her the good news.

"Let's go!" Patrick said.

"Wiggle, start your engine!" called Henry.

As they heard her diesel engine chortle on, all the dogs barked with happiness. 

"Time for another ADVENTURE!" smiled Cricket.