Wiggle Wash  

If the furry friends were going to get Wiggle washed pawfessionally, they were going to need some real money. 

Henry pulled in to Flea Bank to get some cash.

It was tricky getting his "atm card" into the door with the black stripe facing the right direction.  He had to hold himself up with his paws and put the card in with his mouth.  This of course made it difficult, if not down right impawssible to see if the black stripe was in the right direction.
Henry entered his secret code and and pressed the buttons for "Fast Cash".  Twenty dollars should be enough for the Wiggle Wash, he thought. 

He hopped back into the driver's seat and started the engine. 
"Why do you come all the way to Flea Bank?" asked Molly, "Kitty Corp. is right down the street from us."

"I like the pictures on the money better here," said Henry.

"Grab your rubber ducky, Wiggle!  Put your windows down everyone.  Stick out your snouts!  It's time to go through the Wiggle Wash!" he said.

"I feel good as new!" said Wiggle,  "THANK YOU!"

"That soap tasted YUCKY! said Patrick.

"But it was so pretty with the three color foam," said Molly.

"You're not supposed to EAT it!" said Henry.

"The wax tasted pretty gross too," confessed Molly.

"But I LOVED the jet spray in my face," said Henry.

"We were too short to feel anything," said the terriers.

"Can we do it again?" asked Cricket.