Ugly Poop Suits  

Wiggle was very happy to be shiny and clean again.  She was especially glad when they arrived home and she saw that her friend the UPS truck was there.
"What does UPS stand for?" asked Cricket.

"Think about it," said Henry.  "Look at the color they are".

"The color of poop!" giggled Patrick.

"Yeah, they are kind of ugly," said Molly.

"Ugly Poop ------- what does the S stand for?" asked HT.

"Suits", said Henry. "Ugly Poop Suits" is what I think it stands for.  I'm pretty sure of it."


"Why would they dress up to look like poop?" asked Molly, in disbelief.

"They are trying to sneak past dogs everywhere so they can leave boxes without getting barked off the pawperty," said Henry. 

"It doesn't work," he continued.  "We recognize them a mile away. I don't know why our uprights love them so much."

"Look!" said Henry, "he left a giant package.  Maybe they're not sneaking around after all."

Henry went over to sniff the box while Wiggle visited with her friend.

"It says to "keep your paws off," he said indignantly.

Wiggle and the others laughed.  They knew that it was Henry's Birthday present in the box, and they did not want him to open it when they weren't there to watch.

Wiggle thought she was more excited than Henry to see her gift arrive.

Henry shook the box to see if he could guess what was inside.

"OUCH!" the box cried. "Cut that out!"

From all his sniffing, Henry could not tell what was in the box. 

"Beats me," he told the others. "I don't know what it is,  but I thought I heard it yell."
Henry's heart was pounding with excitement.  He loved presents and he wondered if it was for him.

"Maybe it stands for Unexpected Pleasant Surprises!" said Wiggle, winking at her friend the UPS truck.
The strong man brought it inside for them.

"Sign here," he said.

Henry pawtographed the delivery sheet and went back to look at the box.
"That delivery man was pretty nice," said Henry, "but I still think those guys would look better dressed in fur."