Mr. Remington  

Patrick and Henry brought the box it to a room where Wiggle could see in through the window. 

"Go ahead and open it," she told Henry through the screen.

"It IS for me!" exclaimed Henry.  "I LOVE presents! I wonder if it's something good to EAT!"

"What's taking so long out there?" said the box.  "I can't breathe in here!"

Henry opened the box with great anticipation.  What could be in there that TALKED?  It said HP on the box.  Henry had seen that symbol on computers before.  "Hairy Paw" computers, he thought.
"Ooh, BUBBLE WRAP!" said Henry.  "I love this stuff!" and with that he stopped opening the box and started snapping the bubbles in the wrap instead.  "Pop,  pop, Snap, Pop, this is fun!"

"Henry," Wiggle said through the window, "there is someone in there who would like to come out now."

"Sorry," said Henry, and with that, he lifted the heavy object out and unwrapped it the rest of the way.


"How do you do?" asked the gift.  "My name is Mr. Remington. You must be Henry."

"How are you are talking to me?" asked Henry.  "I haven't even plugged you in yet!  Do you have batteries?"

"I don't have a plug or batteries," said Mr. Remington.  They were just beginning to use electricity for things when I was born. We did things the OLD-FASHIONED way."


"I never heard of a computer that didn't need to be plugged in," said Henry. "Where do you get your power from?"

"I am not a computer, I am a typewriter. I am a team player," said Mr. Remington. "You use YOUR paws and ideas, and I work with you to put them on paper.  I have worked with many people in my day.  I am almost 100 years old.  I am full of stories and full of helping others to write their own."

"Do you have spell check?" asked Henry? 

Mr. Remington laughed.  "You young'uns sure do want everything done FOR you. If you work with me, you will have to know how to THINK."

"I love to think, I think." said Henry.

Everyone laughed.  "We will get along famously," said Mr. Remington.  "So long as you have a story to tell and you know how to be on a team.  All I ask is for you to oil me every so often and change my ribbon when I need it."

"Thank you, Wiggle." said Henry, sensing that he had a new friend.  Henry knew Wiggle always had a reason for things, and he trusted that Mr. Remington would be a helpful member of their family.

"You are most welcome," said Wiggle beaming with pride.  She knew that Henry could use a thinking friend, and she could relate to Mr. Remington's story.  Someone out there had recognized his value and had restored him to be a part of our very modern world. 

"There is a place for everyone, thought Wiggle.  Young or old.  We need each other."

"Can Mr. Remington come to Henry's party tomorrow?" asked Patrick.

"I'd be honored," said Mr. Remington.