Party Bus  

"Im so excited about my party," said Henry, "Wiggle is going to get the first piece of cake!"

"Wiggle eats cake?" giggled the twins.

"Diesel Cake," said Patrick.

"Yuck gross!" said the girls.

"For me it's YUMMY," said Wiggle, who was all decorated for today's Birthday adventure.

So the first stop was to get diesel fuel. 

Patrick O'Malley
When Wiggle was full, the furry friends turned on the music and off they went to a special spot Wiggle had picked out for Henry's party.
"You guys are making this such a special day for me!" said Henry. 

"You haven't even opened OUR present yet," said the sheepies and the terriers.

"Being in this family IS the best present of all," said Henry.


"Here we are!" Wiggle said. 
"Here is the special spot I picked out for your party." 

"Oh! Wiggle!" said Henry.  "It is pawfect.

"Look at the river!" cried Molly hanging out the door.  "This place is neat!"