Presents and Presence  

Molly and Cricket placed pretty balloons in the trees, while HT and Scruffy got the cake and ice cream out. 

Wiggle and Patrick knew no one was really certain when Henry's birthday was but today was the third anniversary of Henry's arrival in his rescue home. 

Thinking about this made Henry miss his dear friend Guinness, the very first, and very best friend he made in his new home.

Scruffy had  made special hats for everyone, and she made sure to make one for Guinness too, since her presence would surely be felt today.  This meant a great deal to Henry.
He sniffed the little hat with wings on it. 

"There are all kinds of presents," he thought.  "There are presents, that you wrap, and then there is presence...the kind you feel in your heart." 

Today was a day Henry could feel the presence of many friends, and he remembered back to the very scary time before he was rescued. 

"Never forget, in your darkest hour, it only takes a day for things to change," Guinness had said. 

Henry laughed to see the angel wings on Guinneys's hat.  "We weren't really angels, more like devil dogs," he thought, remembering the time they took a whole bag of marshmallows from the Upright's cabinet and had a party with them in the backyard

"Speaking of party," he thought, "I better join this one!  Here comes the cake!"