Some Dogs Bite  

Patrick and Henry rushed to Wiggle's Rescue.  They tried to chase Crabbie away, and away is where she went, but not before she lunged at the sheepies and gave Henry a nasty bite.

Wiggle opened her door and told Patrick to get the first aid kid for Henry. 


It made her feel so good to be able to help. "Everyone should have a first aid kit," she said wisely.

"Do you know CPR?" she asked Patrick.

"Certified Paw Repair?" he laughed.

Henry licked his wound. "It's not that bad," he said.  "Her bark was worse than her bite. I still can't believe she bit me."

"Some dogs bite," said Wiggle.  "And you can't always tell which ones bite by their looks."

"Why do some dogs bite?" asked Patrick, who thought biting was for chewing up delicious bones...

"Usually it is because they feel threatened," Wiggle said. 

"But I've never done anything to Crabbie," said Henry.

"Yes, I know," said Wiggle.  "But they only need to FEEL threatened.  It doesn't matter if the threat is real.  If they think it is, then they will bite." 

"Crabbie is so cowardly that she thinks EVERYONE is out to get her," said Henry.

"Her worst enemy is herself," said Wiggle. 

"I guess you have to be really careful how you approach strange dogs," said Patrick. 

"Yes," said Wiggle.  "It bothers me when Uprights put their babies up to the windows to see you guys.  They should ask if you are friendly first.  And teach the kids to ask too.  There is a right way to approach dogs who are strangers.  I have a special poem about this in my Safety Page for Upright Puppies!"

The three friends stayed close together, appreciating what it meant to be true friends.

They could see the cold icy stare of Crabbie, who was indeed acting cowardly, in the distance.  The more loving the friends were to each other, the more jealous Crabbie became.

Patrick started to clean up the mess when they heard a loud sound like hissing steam.

At first, Henry thought that Wiggle's radiator was over heating, but then they looked over and saw Crabbie.