'Leaving' A Thoughtful Gift  

"Race you, chase you!" called Patrick. 

The other sheepies took his cue and they all went tumbling out the doggie door to frolic in the leaves.

Around and around they circled, until they forgot who was racing, and who was chasing. 

The leaves made a wonderful crunching sound as sixteen paws trounced on them over and over.

Molly stopped to catch her breath.

"Let's go bury the terriers in the leaves!" suggested Cricket.

"Nah," said Patrick.  "They're no fun.  They are always inside on the computer."

"I think we are having so much fun, we should find a way to share it with SOMEONE," said Molly. 

"Wiggle is right.  We should think about others. The poor uprights are at work all day and they never have time to play with the leaves except on weekends, because it is so dark out when they get home," said Cricket.

"Pawhaps we should bring the leaves INDOORS so they can play with them too!" said Molly, pawndering the meaning of thoughtfulness.

That is a great idea! said Henry!  "I'll help!"

So very carefully, and very thoughtfully, the sheepie friends shared their joy of leaves with the unsuspecting uprights who were too busy at work.  They gathered as many leaves as they could and piled them into the house.

"It feels so good to do nice things for others," said Patrick.

"Speaking of nice things," said Molly,  "tomorrow is the FUNraiser for the rescue animals."

That's FUNDraiser" said Henry.

"But Cricket and I were going to have a date at the playground tomorrow," said Patrick.

"Maybe we can drop you off on our way," said Henry.

"Just wait 'til the uprights get home and see this!" said Cricket. 

It had been a long wonderful day.  The sheepie friends settled down for a delicious nap, feeling warm and happy about their thoughtful gesture.
"The uprights are really lucky we are so considerate," said Patrick.

"And they are good to us too," Henry reminded everyone.

"It's just so nice to have a way to repay them," said Cricket.

"They are not going to believe their eyes!" said Molly, beaming with happiness. 

"Good night, everyone," said Henry.  "Thanks for a wonderful day."


Henry couldn't wait to go to sleep and dream some more of his wonderful cruiser ride.