The Secret Signal  
Very early the next morning, so early that it was still dark out, Henry and Molly packed the Wigglebus full of prizes for the fund raiser.

HT and Scruffy counted everything out and made notes of what they were bringing.

"What are you going to do with all this stuff?" asked Cricket.

"We sell some things, and we auction off other things," said Henry.  "Are you sure you don't want to come along?"

Cricket looked at Patrick.  He had planned a special date with her and she did not want to disappoint him. 

"I think I'll keep my date with Patrick," she said, "but next year I would love to come."

"What do they do with all the money they make?" asked Molly.


"It goes to help other dogs who need to be rescued," said HT.  "It will pay for their vet care, and medicine and food.  Sometimes even an airplane ride."

"I hope you make LOTS of money for the animals," sighed Cricket.  "We were rescues once too!"

"We will drop you off at the playground on the way," said Wiggle.  "We will be back to get you at 4:00.  Be good, and don't talk to strangers," she cautioned.

As they drove toward the playground, Wiggle saw a big school bus on the road.  She watched the big bus with admiration, and briefly sighed remembering what it felt like to be part of an entire fleet of busses.  Before she knew it, the big bus flashed the secret signal to her.

"Oh gosh!" sighed Wiggle, returning a wave.  "That bus sees me as a REAL bus.  She gave me the Secret Signal of the Ancient Order Of Busses!"

"What is the secret signal?" asked Scruffy, still waking up.  "Are you allowed to tell us?"

"It's not really a secret," said Wiggle.  "But only REAL busses know about it.  We signal each other to say that we know we are carrying the most precious thing in the world."

"What is the most precious thing?" asked Molly.

"Children," said Wiggle. "Upright Puppies, working hard each day at school."

"What is so precious about children?" asked Cricket.


"They are our future," said Wiggle.  "They can change the world."

"And help animals?" asked Molly.

"You bet!" said Wiggle.  "Bus drivers know they are carrying the keepers of tomorrow, the most precious treasure in the whole world.  They give each other a salute to say REMEMBER YOU ARE A VERY IMPORTANT BUS DRIVER ON A VERY IMPORTANT MISSION."

"So if the big bus gave YOU the signal, that means you are a real bus, carrying precious pawsengers?" asked Cricket.

"Why so it does!" said Wiggle beaming proudly. "That means YOU must be precious!" she told them.

 She had not felt this happy since she got her new WIGGLEBUS letters.

"We are here!" Wiggle said to Patrick and Cricket.  "Here is the school playground you asked for."

"Thank you everyone," said Cricket and Patrick as they hopped out.

"Good Luck at the Fun Raiser!" said Cricket.

"See you at 4 o'clock," said Wiggle.

"This is going to be so much fun!" they both said, as they turned to go play.  Because it was so early, they had the whole playground to themselves!