The Green Eyed Monster  

Almost everyone in the world who knew Wiggle loved her and appreciated all her good deeds. 

She worked hard to spread the Message of the Traffic Light and to do her part to bring dogs across the miles to their furever homes. 


She loved all her little pawsengers, from the upright children, to the four legged fuzzballs, and she was always learning new things to teach kids how to be safe in a world that was filled with both good and bad things. 

At least one pawson was lurking in the shadows filled with jealousy.  The more that Wiggle was loved, the more green with envy Crabbie Cowardly became.

Crabbie wanted all the attention and all the love for herself.  She had no real friends, only those who agreed with everything she said.  Crabbie was a nasty bully who insulted everyone and bossed them around every chance she got. This made her feel very powerful, (though inside she was really just a coward, too afraid to deal with things the RIGHT way).   The reason Crabbie was so mean was that she did not know how to talk out her feelings.  That is why she ACTED them out.  And that is why she did bad things.  If Crabbie didn't get all the love and attention she wanted, someone was going to have to PAY.
Today Crabbie decided that it was Wiggle's fault that she felt so bad.  The more she thought of how much Wiggle was loved, the more she stewed until her eyes were GREEN with envy and all she could think about was her hate for Wiggle, morning, noon and night.

"That bus gets all the attention.  It should have belonged to me.  It should have been MINE MINE MINE! If I can't have it then NOBODY WILL!  I want them to think of ME when they think of WiggleBus, NO ONE ELSE!"

Even little children know to use words to talk out problems, but that was not how Crabbie did things.

As Wiggle saw Crabbie coming toward her with bags of spray paint she immediately recognized Crabbie as the dog who was with the kids that broke her nose. 

"Stay calm," Wiggle thought to herself. "Maybe there is a way to help her  figure out right from wrong."

Crabbie sneered when Wiggle tried to help her talk about what was bothering her. 

"Have some decorations!" she cackled. 
With that comment, she spray painted all over poor Wiggle, who tried patiently to tell Crabbie that this was the wrong thing to do.

"HA! Look at you now!" jeered Crabbie.  "No one will love you and everyone will think that I am the greatest!" she said triumphantly.  "I will spray paint my name all over everything I can to tell the world that I am better than EVERYONE!"

"You are not better, Crabbie," said Wiggle.  "You are a little dog who needs to work on your big feelings.  If you don't stop blaming others for your pawblems and take respawnsibility for yourself, your anger will eat you alive.  Sneaking around trying to destroy things is a coward's way."

"And my name is Crabbie Coward" she said.  "This is MY town and YOU need to GO!"

Way way deep down inside, so far down she almost forgot where, Crabbie knew she was doing the wrong thing.  But the more she let herself be jealous, the more the Green Eyed Monster grabbed hold of her, until it was impawssible to tell them apart.

"Poor Crabbie," thought Wiggle.  "She is letting herself be destroyed by her own dark imagination.  It won't be long now..."

Crabbie didn't know that anyone was watching, but inside little HT was looking out the window and barking for the others to come quickly to the rescue.