Pawficer Henry  

When they got to the cruiser, Henry noticed that someone had changed the name on its side to "Animal Assistance" instead of "Animal Control". 

"Finally," he thought with satisfaction, "someone who really understands what the Pawficer does!" 

He suspected Truffles was the one to fix it, but around here news traveled so fast he couldn't be sure who really changed the cruiser.

Once behind the wheel, Henry imagined being able to rescue all the animals who needed him.   He felt pawficial and very impawtant

"I pawmise I will do all I can to save each and every one of you!" he dreamed.

He honked and waved as he drove by Wiggle. 

Cricket, Patrick and Molly were already back in the bus.  "Hey that's Henry! TAKE US!" they all shouted at once.

But Henry was deep in the heart of his dream driving the cruiser and imagining helping every animal in need.

Wiggle smiled.  She knew Henry had always admired the Pawlice, now he was able to imagine being a pawficer himself.


He honked and waved at every animal he passed by.  He wanted to make certain that everyone noticed he was a Pawficer.  Not an Animal CONTROL Pawficer, an Animal ASSISTANCE Pawficer!

In ten whole minutes, Henry imagined that he could save all the animals in the world. He put his snout out the window and proudly waved to all.    But in ten whole minutes, it was time to bring the cruiser back.

Henry kept his pawmise and returned proudly from his fantasy ride.

As he was saying good bye to all his new friends, Patrick got out of the Wigglebus and came over to tell Henry to hurry up. Patrick was thinking about dinner time, and the more they talked about it in the bus, the hungrier they had become.

Henry thanked all his new friends for the wonderful visit he had with them.

He turned to say good bye and to say a special thanks to Pawficer Ellen, but she was already gone.

"Where did she go?" he asked.

"Off to help another animal," they said, motioning with their noses that the cruiser was leaving the yard.

"She is the real hero!" thought Henry with admiration.  "I hope we get a chance to see each other again." 

"Any time," said Chance. "Say hello to Pawficer Andy for us too!"

"Will do!" said Henry, as he hopped in the WiggleBus to join the others.

April watched the furry friends buckle their seat belts for the ride.
"Take good care of yourselves!" she called out, as she waved with her tail. 

"And remember, you don't have to be a Pawficer to help animals!  All of us can play a part in making the world a safer place!"

Wiggle and the gang waved back happily as they pulled out of the pawficer's driveway.

"I liked meeting another vehicle that helps animals," said Wiggle.

"It wasn't  scary," boasted Patrick. "I was never afraid!  Besides, the horses were really cool!"

"It sure was alot of fun," agreed Molly. "I liked Squeakers!"

"I liked the cats and kittens best," said Cricket,
"What was your favorite part Henry?" 


Henry couldn't stop thinking about his ride in the cruiser.
 "I drove the cruiser! I was a real live pawficer for ten whole minutes!" he said out loud.

"Now THAT, is what I call a scary pawficer," said Wiggle as everyone laughed. 

Henry grinned from ear to ear. "You guys are the best!" he said.