Lucy and Gwennie To The Rescue!  

Gwennie and Lucy take the call...


Rescue Dogs

(To the tune of Underdog)

Why in the world do millers breed
dogs whose lives
pay for their greed,

selling puppies
young and sweet
who end up hungry
on the street
as homeless dogs,
rescue dogs,
hungry dogs,
lonely dogs,

By the millions
they’re put under,
no one loves them,
cast asunder,
who will help,
who will help the homeless dogs?

The vet knew exactly what to do when he read Cricket's tiny letter with the big call for help. 
First he put a call into his furry clients Gwennie and Lucy who were also Old English Sheepdogs.

"Can you get down here quickly?  We have a Rescue Mission," he said. 

Next he put a call into the twin's owners to reassure them that when you can't give dogs the right kind of life, the most loving thing is to find them the right homes.  He told them that there are special groups called Breed Rescues, who understand the needs of pawticular types of dogs. 

"You have two Old English Sheepdogs here," he said, "Old English Sheepdog Rescue will know someone who can give them what they really need.  Sheepdogs are not for most people. They need lots and lots of grooming and special understanding.  Two of my Sheepdog friends from rescue will be here this afternoon. Why don't you bring the girls and I will help you get them to the right homes."

Before the girls could say "adventure" they were on one of their very own. 

Lucy and Gwennie were happy to help them get to their new life, and they were also looking forward to seeing their friends at Rescue Headquarters. Their rescue friends had always been right there whenever they needed anything.  Lucy and Gwennie were happy to do something in return.   While Lucy kept her eyes on the road, Gwennie kept her eyes on the girls, who were busy chattering away in the back seat, suitcases and all.

"What is going to happen to us?" asked Molly, more curious than worried.
"Wait 'til you meet the Head Beagle," said Lucy, "she'll know what to do with the two of you!"