Sisters Sisters  

Lucy stopped the car when she reached an enchanted house in a little clearing near the woods.
She told the girls to be on their BEST behavior.  She brought them into the house and helped them with their luggage. Then she told the girls to wait until she got back with Annie.

"Who is Annie?" asked Molly Malone.
"I guess she is the Head Beagle," replied Cricket.

"I have never met a Beagle before, does my hair look ok?" asked Molly Malone.

"Pawfect my dear," answered Cricket..

"Do you think they will know we are together?" worried Molly.
"I don't know how they will know," said Cricket thoughtfully.  "Everyone around here seems dressed in gray and white."

"All dogs must dress like this in Massachusetts," said Molly.  "Thank heavens we are in style!"

Even though the twins were excited to be on an adventure, they both kept looking for their old family to come.  They partly understood they were being given up for adoption.  Still, they didn't really understand what that meant.

"Do you hear the Beagle coming yet?" Molly asked nervously.
"No," said Cricket flatly. "But Lucy and Gwennie said she decides EVERYTHING!"

When Lucy and Gwennie returned they introduced the twins to Grannie Annie.  The twins gasped in unison.  (In fact, they did EVERYTHING in unison). 

"That is not a beagle!" They both blurted.  "That is a little ol' Grannie!"
A mix of fear and amusement shot through them as they sized up this tiny woman. 

"How will SHE be able to help us?" they thought, giving each other a look of puzzlement. 
They had been hoping for a REAL beagle because, by the age of one years old, they had already learned you can't  trust every Upright.

"Don't you worry your pretty little heads," said the Grannie.  "I have placed hundreds and hundreds of rescue dogs in the last 40 years and I will find homes for each of you as well," she said with authority.

"But...Your Grand Beagleness..." Cricket tried to say that is was imperative that she and her sister be kept together.  But before she could make her case, they were interrupted by the sound of a funny horn beeping in the driveway.  Before they could say another word, the Grannie  had gone outside to greet another guest.

Cricket replayed the words over and over in her head that Grannie said.  "I will find homes for each of you."  That meant there would be MORE THAN ONE home.  That meant that the two of them might never see each other again.

Cricket was trying to think about how they could away together!  But her thoughts got all jumbled up in her head and she started to panic.  My letter did not work, she thought.

"If I can't take my sister with me, there is no place that I want to go!"

"C'mon Molly, let's get out of here before it is too late!"