She Loves Me!  

Three towns away, Patrick and Cricket were having the time of their lives, totally unaware that Wiggle was in trouble.  In fact, they weren't aware of very much at all, except of course, for each other. 

Patrick and Cricket were falling in love.

"Race you down the slide!" Patrick called out. 

"You let me win!" said Cricket.

"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!" they bantered back and forth.

They ran, and jumped and played on everything.

It felt to Patrick and Cricket as if they had known each other for all of their lives.

They played the sheepdog version of "Hide and Go Seek," which is called "Herd and Get Sheep". 

In this game, Patrick was "it".  He played the part of the sheepdog, which of course was very easy for him because he IS a sheepdog.  Cricket played the part of the sheep, who tried to keep from being caught.

They ran, and chased each other and laughed so much that their tummies hurt.

"We always have so much fun together!" said Patrick.

"Go to the bottom of the tube," said Cricket.  "I'll send you a secret message. 

Patrick bounded over to listen.

Cricket climbed to the top of the tube. 

"Can you hear me?" she called down to him.

"HULLLLLOOOOOOO" said Patrick!  "I can hear you!"

Patrick stuck his head up into the tube slide to hear Cricket's secret message.

"Are you listening?" she asked him.

"Hurry up and tell me the secret message," said Patrick, wiggling his butt.

"The secret message is...."

"WHAT?" said Patrick.

"The secret message is  I LOVE YOU!" said Cricket.

A thunderbolt of happiness seemed to strike Patrick....

"She loves me!  She loves me!  She said she LOVES ME! WOO HOO!" he smiled.